Offset Brokerage

Abzeco provides a simple Offset brokerage and management service to meet No Net Loss requirements. These requirements are to compensate for permitted vegetation clearance in accordance with Clause 52.17 of the Victorian Planning Scheme and Victoria's Native Vegetation Management Framework.

We have developed a network of landowners who are willing to provide off-site offsets to third parties, covering a range of bioregions, vegetation and habitat types. Abzeco also provides monitoring and management services for offsets on behalf of landowners. Our system provides an alternative to the Bush Broker process and in many cases is more timely and cost effective.

Our legal agreements are drafted to absolve clients of any further responsibility following payment in full of an agreed amount into a solicitors trust.

Locating and Managing Offset Sites
Abzeco currently manage a range of offset sites across Victoria. Our services include assessment of Offset Requirements, drafting, implementation and monitoring of 10 year Offset Management Plans, see our Offset Site location and management services

The team with assistance from local CFA undertaking a 40 ha management burn in a remnant grassland offset site. Just another day in the office for Abzeco staff.