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Changes To The Native Vegetation Removal Regulations

Changes to the Native Vegetation Removal Regulations

Native vegetation provides habitat plants and animals and delivers a range of ecosystem services like water filtration and pollination, contribute to land productive and to our well-being.

In Victoria, a council planning permit is usually required in order to remove, destroy or lop native vegetation on your land.  These regulations are referred to as Native Vegetation Removal Regulations and are implemented through your local council planning scheme. In addition there are a number of other regulations such as the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act which generally only applies to public land and the federal Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act which can affect both public and private land but would generally on apply to large scale projects.

The Department of Environment, Land Water and Heritage has released Guidelines for the removal, destruction or lopping of native vegetation which outlines how native vegetation removal is required to be assessed along with how and when offsets are required. These Guidelines are an incorporated document across all of the Victorian planning schemes.

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