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We’re a PrimeSafe licensed wild game harvester servicing the requirements of private and government clients.

Across Victoria wild animals like deer are becoming a significant problem for land managers, property owners and vehicles. We can assist you with targeted control and removal requirements and strongly believe that wherever possible pest animals removed during land management projects should be used for either pet food or human consumption. To best ensure this Abzeco holds a Field Harvester licence and has a PrimeSafe licensed Game Meat Harvest Vehicle for transport to a licenced facility.

Wild Game is an animal living in a ‘wild state’ which in Victoria includes rabbit, hare, kangaroo, pig, deer and goat. Wild game can be harvested from private land with written approval from the landowner and from Crown land with prior approval by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

Please note the harvesting of kangaroos for human consumption is not permitted in Victoria. A trial is however currently underway which runs until the 30th September 2019 that allows for the use of harvested kangaroos for Pet Food in particular regions. It is likely that the harvest of Kangaroos for pet food will be formally rolled out as an approved activity after the 1st of October this year.

Further details on this can be obtained from PrimeSafe and DELWP

Undertaking Deer control on private property in Christmas Hills Victoria. Numerous deer occur in the area causing damage to crops, pasture and ecosystems. This site adjoins public land with deer breeding habitat with animals moving out each evening to forage on pasture and crops.

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