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We can rapidly assess ecological issues to determine the critical issues and considerations prior to purchase.

Abzeco can provide greater certainty for your project. The senior team can suggest strategies to minimize impacts on vegetation and smooth out the flow of planning applications to assist in meeting project timelines. Our early guidance in the planning process can dramatically alter the course of development planning, saving time and money by avoiding bureaucratic delays, tribunal appeals and re-design of developments.

We are able to assess the quality of vegetation using the ‘Habitat Hectares’ system and provide full Habitat Hectare accounting for net gain losses (offsets) and find a timely cost effective solution for meeting offset targets. With our extensive botanical and zoological expertise we are able to make rapid assessments of the likelihood of presence of native plants and animals, in particular those species protected under legislation.

Abzeco is responsive to customer needs. We work cooperatively with other specialists to obtain optimal outcomes for clients. We have a very good understanding of the demands of working within regulatory and competitive commercial environments, and are familiar with requirements and considerations of working in with construction timelines.


Net Gain assessments

If removal of native vegetation cannot be avoided a Net Gain Offset calculation will be required to determine the offset target to compensate for a clearance of native vegeation, see our Net Gain Assessment services.

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