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We’re an innovative ecological consulting practice offering an end-to-end solution for commercial, government and private clients.

Our large and diverse team of qualified, experienced botanists, zoologists, habitat restoration practitioners and pest managers allows Abzeco to combine world class consultancy services with hands-on practical know how.

Our advice is soundly based on up-to-date science, a practical understanding of the realities of ecological management and on the demands of regulatory and commercial environments.

Abzeco staff have extensive experience with the application of legislation including the Victorian Planning and Environment Act 1987, Victorian Planning Provisions, Guidelines for the removal, destruction and lopping of native vegetation and other Commonwealth and State biodiversity protection legislation and international treaties. Our staff are very familiar with the Habitat Hectare system of vegetation quality assessment and have assessed a wide range of vegetation types across Victoria, interstate and internationally. All Abzeco staff members have completed the Vegetation Quality Assessment Competency training and accreditation and are accredited to undertake Habitat Hectare assessments.

We have up to date Geographic Information System (GIS) field-mapping capability. Our team can rapidly provide detailed maps of vegetation and habitat areas to guide conservation planning.

Solutions focused consultancy

Abzeco is staffed by experienced solutions-focused professionals. We find innovative solutions that result in a positive outcome for our clients and the environment.


Our staff have a diverse skill set and can deliver large and complex jobs, we also collaborate with specialists from other disciplines which enables us to provide a wide range of services.

The combination of our knowledge of flora and fauna, legislation and policy, plus hands on experience in ecological restoration and land management, along with our advanced data collection, analysis and GIS skills means that we have the capability to undertake a wide range of projects.

We strive to deliver practical, feasible, achievable, cost effective solutions.

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