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Abzeco prepares a wide range of Land Management, Reserve Management, Offset Site Management and Property/Farm Management Plans for clients across Victoria.

What sets our plans apart is clearly defined practical, achievable and cost-effective site management guidelines and principles. The provided guidelines and principles are also transferable to future management plans and other sites under your management.

A good Management Plan is sufficiently general in nature and guides biodiversity management for the next five to ten years. A management plan needs to be based on a suite of land management practices principally aimed at reducing the cover of high threat weeds such as the Weed of National Significance, Chilean Needle-grass Nassella neesiana while increasing the cover of indigenous species to reduce ongoing management costs and improve overall biodiversity and habitat values.

Abzeco management plans include a brief review of historic land management and provide guidelines for works over a five to ten year period. We provide recommendations based on our team’s vast knowledge and experience gained through the planning and implementation of environmental management across a range of ecosystems, threatened flora and fauna species.

Ecologically-sound biodiversity management maintains a sites natural values while promoting productivity in the rural landscape. This includes enhancing a sites biodiversity and habitat values in the face of ongoing threats pervading the local landscape. All recommendations and requirements are prepared in accordance with project specifications, relevant legislative and statutory requirements.


Pycnosorus chrysanthes direct seeded as part of our land management at Paramount Grasslands.

Because of the fickle nature of our climate, we provide broad guidelines to ensure that management goals are achieved within the management period. In addition to following the works recommendations, land managers must consider long-term outcomes while focusing on achievable short- to medium-term goals.

Our plans identify short-term and long-term goals for land managers to evaluate against at the completion of a five or ten year management period.

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