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Vegetation quality measurement is integral to vegetation assessments required under the Victorian Planning Provisions,

The Victorian Guidelines for the removal, destruction and lopping of native vegetation (the Guidelines) seeks to avoid and minimise impacts to remnant native vegetation, and to offset impacts that cannot be avoided.

Vegetation quality measurement is integral to the assessment of floristic and fauna habitat values. The method for quality scoring in Victoria is the Habitat Hectare system which is used to inform reporting under the Guidelines.

All Abzeco staff are both experience and qualified in Habitat Hectare assessments having completed the DELWP Vegetation Quality Assessment (VQA) Habitat Hectares training.

Habitat Hectare is a site-based measure of quality and quantity of native vegetation that is assessed in the context of the relevant native vegetation type.

Offset Management Plans

If an Offset is required Abzeco can provide services to purchase available Units from the Native Vegetation Credit Register. Our team can also produce and register a first party Offset Management Plan for your land.  This is a 10 year offset management plan required by DELWP and the Responsible Authority (Council) to meet your offset obligations. If your property meets the required criteria we can assist with registration of Offsets from your land on to the Credit Register via a Section 69 Agreement or Trust for Nature Offset Covenant to enable trading to Third parties.

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