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Pest Plant Control In The Central Highlands, Victoria

Pest Plant control in the Central Highlands, Victoria

The Abzeco team is once again off to target invasive plants for the Department of Environment Land Water & Planing on the Central Highlands Eden Project, Baw Baw Asset Area.

The CHE project focuses on the removal of high risk weeds that are threatening the highest biodiversity values in the southern Central Highlands of Victoria. Covering an area of approximately 400,000ha, the CHE project area encompasses the Baw Baw and Yarra Ranges national parks, Bunyip and Moondarra state parks and all interconnecting state forests.

The aims of the CHE project are to:

  • Minimise the establishment of high risk weeds at the early stage of invasion;
  • Contain the spread of localised infestations of high risk weeds;
  • Reduce the spread of weeds within identified biodiversity asset areas

Weed control works will include the appropriate treatment of infestations of target high risk weed species including Bugle lily, Blackberry, Creeping buttercup, Foxglove, Grey sallow, Montbretia, Ox-eye daisy, Perennial thistle, Ragwort, Soft rush, Spear thistle, Twiggy mullein and Yarrow.

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