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Abzeco Completes Translocation Of 108 Large-fruit Groundsel And 368 Spiny Rice-flower Plants

Abzeco completes translocation of 108 Large-fruit Groundsel and 368 Spiny Rice-flower plants

Abzeco Pty Ltd was commissioned to undertake translocation of Large-fruit Groundsel Senecio macrocarpus (LFG) and Spiny Rice-flower Pimelea spinescens ssp. spinescens (SRF) under the DELWP-approved Spiny Rice-flower and Large-fruit Groundsel Translocation Plan for the Ballarat Line Upgrade project.

The Translocation Plan identified a population of 97 LFG and 362 SRF plants on public land within a 3.4 km section of the Ballarat Rail Upgrade project area, between Caroline Springs railway station and Hopkins Road, Ravenhall. All LFG and a minimum of 50% of SRF were required for translocation in accordance with the approved plan, with all plants to be included in the translocation if possible. In total Abzeco identified and translocated 108 LFG and 368 SRF plants. All translocated LFG and SRF were planted into ‘Magpie’, a section of the newly established Western Grasslands Reserve located at Mt. Cottrell, approximately 12.5 km by vehicle from the source site.

18 months on Abzeco continues to manage and monitor these plants. This project has been a huge success with over %70 survivourship. This clearly demonstrates that translocation by the Abzeco team is a viable option for SRF in situations where it is not possible to avoid direct impacts.

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